Welcome to the website of home brewery ‘Mafketel’

We are located in Belgium and we could not imagine it any other way, as Belgium is home to the best beers of the world. Our goal is to add one more magnificent beer to that list. An important detail to this goal is that we reject the ‘quantity over quality’ label corporate breweries apply.

Next to brewing, tasting and enjoying beer, we also have a large collection of old Belgian beer glasses and signs. Next to brewing this is our 2nd greatest passion. We are hoping of one day being able to display all these glasses in a café located next to a fixed site for the brewery. The brewery is currently run by myself and my wife, and is a hobby project on the verge of expanding.

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The dream of a Mafketel

We all have dreams that we in some way attempt to pursue. Danny De Beule, a Sidmar electrician working for Multiserv is no exception. He does however cherish a quite unique dream having his own brewery.

“At the moment a small part of my dream is already fulfilled” says Danny De Beule. “You see I currently possess my own little home brewery called Mafketel.” The name Mafketel (best translated as Crazypot) is more then just a catchy name, it has quite a funny story behind it.

The first time Danny brewed, not everything went according to plan. In the middle of the brewing process the high pressure valve of the industrial kettle opened filling the entire room with steam. Danny’s wife who was watching from a distance yelled at Danny “Mafketel you’re going to make the whole place blow up!”  That isn’t the only reason for choosing this name as Mafketel has a deeper meaning according to Danny. He sees a Mafketel as a creative person that’s not afraid to take chances, in other words both an optimist as an opportunist.

Despite the fact that Danny already has a humble series of home made brewing installations there’s still a lot on his wishlist. “The current brewery Mafketel is a homebrewery with about 100 liter (26 gallons) per brew.” My dream is starting a brewery capable of 5 HL (130 gallons) per brew dedicated to brewing creative quality beers” so he tells us. “I’m going to continue to follow my dreams hoping it will become reality some day. At the moment I’m still awaiting approval from my wife to set some of my larger ideas and plans in motion toward this dream.”


Commercial Beers

Castel Bruin: Abbey style beer for the town of Kastel

Hobby Brews

Mafketel: Abbey style beer
Mafketel  Imperial: Stout style beer
Mafketel  Hoppy: Hoppy Blonde beer
Mafketel Creatief 2007: Red beer lagered on oak